Specify Goal for Referral Offer specify-goal-for-referral-offer

When you create a referral offer, you need to define the fulfillment goal. The goal can be defined by person activity on the web page, such as page visits or sign-ups. You can even use a custom JavaScript event.

Alternatively, you can use a smart list trigger in Marketo to wait for any milestone, such as an opportunity being created for the referred person.

Example goals:

  • 10 referred visits
  • 5 referred sign-ups
  • 1 referred opportunity created
  • 2 referred ecommerce purchases
  • 5 referred webinar attendees
  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the referral offer, and click Edit Draft.

  3. In the referral offer editor, go to App Settings > Offer Details.

  4. Under Settings, choose an event type from the Fulfillment Goal drop-down.

If you plan to use the Give Credit to Referrer flow step, you must select Smart List Trigger as the fulfillment goal type here.
  • Referred Visits: Offer participants get credit for each visit from a friend to the page hosting your offer.

  • Referred Sign-Ups: Offer participants get credit for each friend who signs up for the offer.

  • Smart List Trigger: Offer participants get credit for each friend who meets the conditions of a smart list trigger in a smart campaign. For example, you can use a trigger that fires when a referred prospect signs up for a webinar.

  • Custom JavaScript Event: Offer participants get credit for each friend who triggers a defined JavaScript event on your page. See Conversion Script for Custom Events.

There are new filters and triggers available in smart campaigns to monitor social activity. See use triggers and filters for social activities.