Understanding Smart Lists understanding-smart-lists

Smart Lists allow you to find specific groups of people using simple filters. They are used all over Marketo, such as in Smart Campaigns, programs, reports, segmentations, business models, engagement programs, dynamic content, and more. Depending on your needs, Smart Lists can be created in two places within Marketo:

  1. In the Database, where they’re available for shared/global use (e.g., “All Unsubscribed People”).
  2. In programs as local assets, where they find a group of people who are relevant to that specific program (e.g., “Attended Tradeshow”).

The main steps to creating a Smart List are:

Here’s an example of what a Smart List looks like.

Main Tab main-tab

Here you can edit the Smart List name and see information about the Smart List.

People Tab people-tab

This is where you see your results; i.e., all the people who qualify for the filters you added and defined under the Smart List tab.

Smart List Tab smart-list-tab

You add and define the filters to see a specific group of people in the People tab.

OK, let’s get started!