Triggers and Filters for Social Activities triggers-and-filters-for-social-activities

Social apps in Marketo have their own special triggers and filters.

Not all Marketo Engage users have purchased this functionality. Contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details.
  1. To use social triggers, select your smart campaign and click the Smart List tab. On the right, click the + to expand Triggers, then Social.

  2. To use social filters, click the + to expand the Filters.

  3. Reference the table below to see which triggers and filters work with each social app.

    table 0-row-6 1-row-6 2-row-6 3-row-6 4-row-6 5-row-6 6-row-6 7-row-6 8-row-6 9-row-6 10-row-6
    Triggers/Filters Social Buttons Polls Videos Referral Offers Sweepstakes
    Achieved Goal in Referral (tick)
    Shares Content (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)
    Clicks Shared Link (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)
    Disqualifies Sweepstakes (tick)
    Earns Entry in Social App (tick)
    Enters Sweepstakes (tick)
    Refers to Social App (tick) (tick)
    Signs up for Referral Offer (tick)
    Votes in Poll (tick)
    Wins Sweepstakes (tick)
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