View Social Performance view-social-performance

See the social activities generated by your social apps. The Social Dashboard gives you insight into the various social interactions that are generated by your social apps, and allows you to track the performance of a social app.

Not all Marketo Engage users have purchased this functionality. Contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details.
  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the social app.

  3. Click Date of Activity.

  4. Select the time interval.

    note note
    If you select Last 24 hours, metrics are calculated hourly, at the top of the hour. For all other intervals, metrics are run daily, at midnight of the previous day.
  5. Use the Social Funnel to review your promotion’s social progression and effectiveness.

    • Campaign Visits: The number of times that prospects load a page that contains your social app.
    • Interactions: The number of times prospects have interacted with your social app, such as signing up for a referral offer, voting in a poll, sharing a video, etc.
    • Shares: The number of times prospects share a message to their social network from your social app.
    • Resulting Clicks: The number of times prospects clicked links in shares from your social app.
    • Registration: The number of prospects who sign up for your promotion after following a shared link back to your app.
    note note
    Visits to a page with multiple social apps count as one visit to each. Visits to multiple pages within the same app count as one visit. Visits after more than 30 minutes, or a browser restart, are counted as new.

  6. Use the Audience panel to review how your prospects are helping you get the word out.

    • Total Profiles: The total number of prospects who have signed in to social networks from your social app.
    • Influencers: The number of prospects who have generated at least one resulting click from an app share.
    • Social Reach: The sum of all the prospects’ connections. For prospects who share to social networks, this is the number of friends they have at the time they shared from your social app. For email sharing, this is the number of recipients of the email they generate from your app.
    • Social Impressions: The total number of times that your social app appeared in the feeds of prospects’ connections.

  7. Use the Share Metrics panel to review the aggregated social activity generated by your social app.

    • Share Rate: The percentage of visits to your app that generate a share.
    • Clickback Rate: The number of resulting clicks per share.
    • Social Lift: The ratio of visits to your app (coming from the link in shares) to the number of non-social visits (from sources other than your social app).