Create a Poll create-a-poll

Engage people with a poll they can vote in and share with their friends on social networks. You can add it to places like your landing pages, your website, and Facebook.

If you want to use images in your poll, add them to your Marketo Images and Files library before you begin. Add a 60x60px image for each poll entry. See Add Images and Files to Marketo.
  1. Inside your program, select New > New Local Asset.

  2. In the Local Asset Gallery, click Poll.

  3. Name your poll.

    note tip
    To save time, you can use the Clone From option to copy all settings from an existing video share.
  4. Give your poll a headline (usually a short question).

  5. For each entry, edit the title and description.

  6. To add an entry, click the + symbol and edit the title and description.

  7. For each entry, you can add an image by clicking the numbered thumbnail.

  8. Select the image you need, then click Select.

  9. When you have set the thumbnail, title, and description for all entries, click Finish.

  10. Click Approve and Close.

The poll editor opens in a new window. The default settings are all good, but you still need to add your poll entries. We’ll show you how in the next steps.

To change any of the defaults in your poll, click Back. To save your work for later without approving, click Close.

If there are any problems in the poll, you will be prompted to address them before the poll is approved.

A poll is no longer editable after a vote has been submitted.