Add Adobe Connect as a LaunchPoint Service add-adobe-connect-as-a-launchpoint-service

Marketo manages your Adobe Connect webinar registration and attendance.

Admin Permissions Required
An existing subscription to Adobe Connect and administration rights are necessary for this step. Have the following settings at hand: username, password, participant password, and meeting folder URL.
Adobe Connect On Site is not currently supported.
  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click LaunchPoint.

  3. Click the New drop-down and select New Service.

  4. Enter a Display Name. Under Service, select Adobe Connect.

  5. Enter your Username and Access Code.

  6. Complete the process by entering your Meeting Folder URL and Participant Password, then click Create.

    note tip
    When you create the participant password, the value you choose is included in a query string when the links are sent out for the event. So, we suggest that you make it customer-friendly.
    note note
    Once you’ve logged into your Adobe Connect account, select the Seminars tab. Without drilling down into any specific seminar, copy the URL from your browser bar into the Meeting Folder URL setting.

Your Adobe Connect Service is now synced with Marketo!