Edit a Smart List Subscription edit-a-smart-list-subscription

You can edit these columns directly in the Subscriptions tab, which appears in Marketing Activities or Database:

  • Recipients
  • Frequency
  • Columns
  • End Delivery
  • Format
  1. Select Database (we’re using it in this example, but Marketing Activities works exactly the same).

  2. Select the subscription you want to edit.

  3. Click in the Recipients column and it opens so you can enter more email addresses (separate them with a comma).

  4. Click the Frequency column to choose or change your setting.

  5. Open the Columns column and use the selector to add or remove columns from the report. Report Columns contains all available columns and Marketo Columns shows only those you’ve selected to display in your report. Click Save.

    note note
    The columns under Marketo Columns are the report columns, not the ones used in the Subscriptions report tab.
  6. Click the End Date column to edit the end date. Select Never or Date. For a date, enter it or choose it from the calendar. Click Approve.

  7. The last piece of the puzzle is the format. Click the Format column and select the one you want. CSV is the default.