Set a Form Thank You Page set-a-form-thank-you-page

What happens when someone fills out a form? Where are they forwarded to? Here’s how to configure it.

Edit Form edit-form

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select your form and click Edit Form.

  3. Under Form Settings click Settings.

  4. Scroll down to the Thank You Page section.

Stay On Page stay-on-page

The Stay On Page option will keep the visitor on the same page when the form has been submitted.

  1. Select Stay On Page for Follow Up With.

External URL external-url

The External URL setting allows you to define any URL as the follow-up page. Once the user has submitted the form they will be directed to the URL specified.

  1. Select External URL for Follow Up With.

  2. Enter the full URL.

The URL can be that of a file hosted somewhere - if you do this, the “Submit” button will behave like a “Download” button.

Landing Page landing-page

You can select any approved Marketo landing page as the follow-up.

  1. Set Follow Up With to Landing Page.

  2. Find and select the landing page you want.

Dynamic Thank You Pages dynamic-thank-you-pages

You can add multiple options and build in choices to show people different follow-ups depending on their responses.

  1. Click Add Choice.

  2. Select the field you want to monitor the response of.

    note tip
    Only fields added to the form are available for this.
  3. Select the logical operator you want.

  4. Enter one of the values the user will respond with.

  5. Choose the appropriate page for Follow Up With type.

  6. Select the appropriate landing page.

    note note
    You must have created/approved these landing pages ahead of time.
  7. Click the + sign to add another choice.

    note note
    You can add several choices. If you add too many, however, it can affect the form’s loading speed, so only add what you need.
  8. Go through and set up Choice 2.

    note tip
    Feel free to mix and match follow-up types. You can use a landing page for one choice and a URL for another.
  9. Set a Default page for all other responses.

  10. Select the page itself and click Save.

    OK, looks good!

  11. Click Finish.

  12. Click Approve and Close.

Great job!