The Predictive Content Summary the-predictive-content-summary

The Predictive Content Summary displays the information you need about about your predictive content at a glance, with tables, graphs, and current numbers.

Top Bar top-bar

The top bar shows current numbers for content and views, and how many pieces are enabled. Select a view of the past 7 or 30 days for the entire page in the upper right.

Performance Table performance-table

Here’s where you can see your top 10 pieces of discovered content, including views, direct leads and conversion rate.

Predictive Engagement predictive-engagement

See your conversion rate by comparing total clicks and direct leads, and compare performance of the different sources.

Content Trend by Views content-trend-by-views

Compare how your views of all content match up with your predictive content.

Top Categories by Engagement top-categories-by-engagement

Which categories of content are most engaging? See it in this graph.

If you click a category link (examples in the above image: leadgen, email, etc,.) it opens the All content page with the category you clicked on added to the filter, displaying the content analytics in that category.