Create a New Program Tag and Tag Values create-a-new-program-tag-and-tag-values

Admin Permissions Required

You can create custom tags for your programs and assign values to the tag.

Program Tag: Target Audience
Program Tag Value: SMB, Enterprise, Mid-Market
  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click Tags.

  3. Click New and select New Tag Type.

  4. Enter the Tag Type and a tag Value. Then click Add Another.

  5. Enter as many Values as you need. Select which program types you want this tag to apply to.

    note tip
    You can select multiple program types. When a new program is made, this tag type will be available.
  6. Check Required and click Create.

    note note
    If the tag type is Required, users will be required to enter a value for the tag when creating a new program.

Now when your users create a program, they will have to set the custom value for the tag created.