SFDC Sync: Activity Sync sfdc-sync-activity-sync

Marketo Engage also syncs over the Salesforce activities data. Here are some questions and answers.

What types of activity data does Marketo sync over? what-types-of-activity-data-does-marketo-sync-over

Marketo syncs over both Events and Tasks associated with a lead or contact.

How are activity details kept in sync between the two systems? how-are-activity-details-kept-in-sync-between-the-two-systems

The sync is one way, from Salesforce to Marketo. But you can create a task in Salesforce using the Create Task flow step or Customize Activities Sync to Salesforce.

Can I create a task using Marketo? can-i-create-a-task-using-marketo

Yes, you can use the Create Task flow action.


  • Activity is Logged
  • Activity is Updated


  • Activity was Logged/Not Activity was Logged
  • Activity was Updated/Not Activity was Updated
Not sure about that “Not Activity” wording? The “not” refers to an Inactivity Filter. Learn more about them here: Use Inactivity Filters in a Smart List