Customize Activities Sync customize-activities-sync

If you don’t use Marketo Sales Insight, Marketo Engage can create Salesforce Activity History Records for certain events. Here’s how to enable them.

  1. Go to Admin.

  2. Click Salesforce, then click Edit Sync Options.

  3. Check the boxes next to activities you want Marketo to push to Salesforce, and click Save.

    note note
    Once enabled, Marketo will push three months’ worth of activity history. Depending on the amount of data, this could take several days to complete. Updates that occur during the initial Activities push may be delayed until after the initial Activities sync is complete.
Activity Type
Filled out form
Filled out any Marketo form
Added to list
Flow step: Was added to a static list
Email sent
Flow step: Was sent an email
Email delivered
Received an email (not bounced)
Email opened
Opened an email (without blocking images)
Clicked link in email
Clicked a link in an email sent by Marketo
Removed from list
Flow step: Was removed from a static list
Remove from flow
Flow step: Remove from flow
Sales email sent
Was sent an email through Marketo Sales Insight
Sales email opened
Opened an email sent through Marketo Sales Insight
Click link in sales email
Clicked a link in an email sent through Marketo Sales Insight
Sales email received
An email was received and logged by the Sales rep in the MSI Outlook Plugin
“Sales email received” does not mean delivered. Delivered status is not captured for emails sent via Sales Insight.
If you’re interested in getting more Marketo information into Salesforce, check out our Marketo Sales Insight product.