How to Log Emails to Other CRMs how-to-log-emails-to-other-crms

If your CRM provides you with a BCC address, you can use the “other” CRM section to set up email logging. Once the configuration is set up, emails that you send will automatically be logged to your CRM.

CRMs We Integrate With crms-we-integrate-with

Almost every CRM:

  • Our auto-BCC feature works with nearly all CRMs record emails you’ve sent with Sales Connect to your leads. Just make sure your CRM of choice provides you with a BCC address to take advantage of this.


  • We do all the above and more!

How to Connect to Other CRMs how-to-connect-to-other-crms

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Click CRM.

  3. Click Connect under Other CRMs.

  4. Click Configure, then paste your BCC address below Email to BCC.

  5. Click Save and your BCC address will be saved to Sales Connect.

    Emails will now be logged to your CRM via BCC.