NUR-YYYY-MM-Advanced Nurture nur-yyyy-mm-advanced-nurture

This is an example of advanced Nurture Programs utilizing the Marketo Engage Engagement Program. Nested Email Programs prevent people from receiving content they have already consumed, or control the type of content they should consume in each stream. Attribution reporting can be run for each individual Nested Email Program. Channels: “Nurture”, and a dedicated “Nurture Email” channel for the Nested Email Programs sends one newsletter email utilizing a Marketo Engage Email Program. The email can include or not include an A/B test.

For further strategy assistance or help customizing a program, please contact the Adobe Account Team or visit the Adobe Professional Services page.

Channel Summary channel-summary

Membership Status
Analytics Behavior
Program Type
01 - Member
02 - Engaged - Success
Nurture Email
01 - Skip
02 - Sent
03 - Engaged - Success

Program Contains the Following Assets program-contains-the-following-assets

Template Name
Asset Name
Nested Program
01 - Topic X
Nested Program
02 - Topic Y
Nested Program
03 - Topic Z
Quick Start Email Template
01 - Email (Live in Nested Programs)
Quick Start Email Template
02 - Email (Live in Nested Programs)
Quick Start Email Template
03 - Email (Live in Nested Programs)
Local Report
Email Performance
Local Report
Email Link Performance
Smart Campaign
01 - Add to Nurture
Smart Campaign
02 - Pause Nurture
Smart Campaign
03 - Resume Nurture
Smart Campaign
04 - Engaged (Program Success)
Smart Campaign
00 - Skip Email (Located in each Nested Program)
Smart Campaign
01 - Send Email (Located in each Nested Program)
Smart Campaign
02 - Engaged-Success (Located in each Nested Program)
Assets (Contain Nested Programs and Asset folders also live in Nested Programs to contain emails)
Nested Programs (Lives under Assets Folder)
Campaigns - Houses all Smart Campaigns in parent Nurture program and campaign folders are also located in each Nested Program

My Tokens Included my-tokens-included

Token Type
Token Name
<--My From Name Here-->

Conflict Rules conflict-rules

  • Program Tags

    • Create tags in this subscription - Recommended
    • Ignore
  • Landing Page template with the same name

    • Copy original template
    • Use destination template - Recommended
  • Images with the same name

    • Keep both files
    • Replace item in this subscription - Recommended
  • Email templates with the same name

    • Keep both templates
    • Replace existing template - Recommended

Best Practices best-practices

  • Consider updating the templates in your imported program to utilize currently branded templates, or update the newly imported template to reflect your brand by adding in a snippet or your appropriate logo/footer information.

  • Consider updating the naming convention of this program example to align with your naming convention.

  • Ensure you have rules in place to pause and resume your nurture cadence. These Smart Campaigns should be activated or scheduled before the Engagement Program is activated.

Remember to update the My Token Values on the program template and each time you use the program, as needed.
Don’t forget to activate the “04 - Engaged (Program Success)” campaign for tracking success! Do this before your emails are sent.