Change your Password Security Settings change-your-password-security-settings

Control the password policy of your subscription. Here’s how.

Admin Permissions Required
  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click Login Settings.

  3. Under Security Settings, click Edit.

  4. Select a Template. For advanced options, click the Advanced drop-down.

    note note
    A template is just a pre-built configuration. Standard is good. High Security is the strongest. Custom lets you make your own.
    note tip
    In Custom, check the boxes to indicate which characteristics you want users to include when they create passwords.
  5. Set the Expiration. This feature automatically requires users to reset their passwords after a certain length of time. This includes the Admin user as well.

    note caution
    Existing users will not be notified of the changes. Set Expiration to 30 days first to ensure everyone has updated to the new settings, then change this back to your original cadence.
  6. Set the Inactive Session Timeout. This determines how long a user can be inactive for before they have to re-login to Marketo.