SFDC Sync: Lead Queue sfdc-sync-lead-queue

Marketo Engage allows you to add people to Salesforce lead queues to help with lead distribution. Here are the details.

How to assign a person to a queue in Marketo? how-to-assign-a-person-to-a-queue-in-marketo

You can assign a person to a Salesforce lead queue using either of these flow actions:

You can’t create or change queues in Marketo.

How is lead owner information stored if the person belongs to a queue? how-is-lead-owner-information-stored-if-the-person-belongs-to-a-queue

If a lead is owned by a queue in Salesforce, these sales owner fields are kept empty until the lead is assigned to an owner.

  • Sales Owner First Name
  • Sales Owner Last Name
  • Sales Owner Title
  • Sales Owner Phone Number
  • Sales Owner Email Address