Change Owner change-owner

If you have existing people that are already assigned to an owner, you can use this flow step to re-assign them to another owner.


  1. Simply pick the owner or the lead queue you want to change to and go!

    note caution
    Salesforce does not allow contacts to be assigned to lead queues. For a record that’s an SFDC contact:
    1. Marketo will create a duplicate lead only when the contact is synced to Salesforce. In other words, if you use the Sync Person to SFDC flow step with AssignTo=<a lead queue>, Marketo will create a duplicate lead in Salesforce and assign it to the lead queue.

    2. If you use the Change Owner flow step on a contact, Marketo creates a duplicate lead in Salesforce. To avoid this, use a filter on the ‘SFDC Type’ field that limits the action to leads only.

    note note
    If the record does not yet exist in your Salesforce account, we will sync it over, then assign it to the selected user.