Define a Smart List for Predictive Content Activities define-a-smart-list-for-predictive-content-activities

You can use predictive content activities in triggers and filters when you define a smart list in a smart campaign. You can trigger an action for anyone who clicks predictive content via the Rich Media template, the Content Recommendation Bar, or in an email.

  1. In your smart campaign, navigate to the Smart List tab.

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    Smart lists can do amazing things. Learn more in the smart list deep dive.
  2. Search for the trigger and then drag and drop it onto the canvas.

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    A smart campaign with triggers runs in Trigger mode. It runs on one person at a time based on events triggered and the filters added.
  3. Click the Name drop-down and select an operator.

  4. Define the trigger.

  5. Add the Type constraint.

  6. Select the source you need for your smart list.

  7. If you’re using the email source for your predictive content, add the Clicks Link in Email trigger. Select your email and add the Is Predictive constraint, defined as true.

  8. Add any other filters as needed.

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    In a smart campaign with both triggers and filters, the triggers go at the top. When triggered, only people who satisfy the filter criteria go through the flow.
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    With multiple triggers, a person goes through to the flow if ANY one of the triggers get activated.

    To run the campaign on a set of people all at the same time, learn how to define a smart list for a batch smart campaign.

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