Enable Predictive Content for Web Rich Media enable-predictive-content-for-web-rich-media

Predictive content engages your web visitors with the most relevant content, powered by machine learning and predictive analytics. With Web Rich Media, you can enhance your content with text descriptions and images and embed multiple predictive content recommendations on your website.

It’s recommended that you enable over five pieces of content per category and per source (email, rich media, bar) before testing and using Predictive Content. More content gives you a better predictive outcome.

Once you’ve prepared the content title, description and image for Rich Media, you can enable individual or multiple content pieces.

  1. To enable an individual title, click a title to open the editor. Click Rich Media, then check the Enabled for Predictive Content in Rich Media box and click Save.

  2. For multiple pieces of content, on the Predictive Content page, check the boxes next to the title(s).

  3. Click the Content Actions drop-down and select Enable for Web Rich Media.


Customize the Javascript Code and Embed it into your Website customize-the-javascript-code-and-embed-it-into-your-website

Refer to the documentation for the Rich Media Recommendation template on the Marketo Developers site. This explains how to customize the template for your website.

Paste the JavaScript code into your website in the location where you want the template to appear.

Template Examples

  • Template1: Three horizontal content pieces with images, header, and description
  • Template2: Three vertical content pieces with images, header, and description

Here’s an example of the Rich Media Recommendation Template1:

Here’s an example of the Rich Media Recommendation Template2: