Approve a Title for Predictive Content approve-a-title-for-predictive-content

You can add any title on your All Content page to predictive content by approving it on the All Content page or the Edit Content pop-up.

All Content Page all-content-page

  1. Check the box next to the piece of content.

  2. Click the Content Actions drop-down and select Approve for Predictive Content.

Edit Content Pop-up edit-content-pop-up

You can also approve titles for predictive content directly on the Edit Content pop-up.

  1. Hover over a piece of content and click the edit icon at the end of the row.

  2. Check the Approve for Predictive Content box on the Edit Content popup and click Save.

Whichever way you use, the Approve for Predictive Content icon now appears in the row.

And you now can see the title displayed on the Predictive Content page.