Sync Status sync-status

You can keep tabs on the current throughput and backlog of the sync process on the Sync Status and Sync Errors tabs.

Sync Status Tab sync-status-tab

  1. Click Admin, then Microsoft Dynamics.

  2. Click the Sync Status tab.

    This table displays the backlog of inserts and updates that haven’t synced yet, for each object.

  3. Double-click any row to view opportunity information.

    Sync status details are broken down by inserts and updates, and oldest insert and update records.

  4. Click the View drop-down and select Last Hour to view throughput information.

    The display now shows the the number of records synced in the last full hour (for example, 1-2 p.m.).

    note note
    When you’re looking at the Last Hour view, the Inserts and Updates columns display N/A. This is expected behavior.

Sync Errors Tab sync-errors-tab

Browse, search, or export leads (and other objects) that failed to synchronize with details such as operation, direction, error code and error message.