Notification Types notification-types

There are several notification types.

Campaign Failure campaign-failure

Campaign failures notify you of errors in your smart campaigns.

CRM Sync crm-sync

CRM sync notifications alert you to critical issues found with the CRM sync, such as incorrect permissions or the sync being down.

Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics notifications are sent once every 24 hours, and contain leads that failed to sync in that time period. Typical reasons for failure are duplicate leads (as above) or field length mismatch errors.


If you use Salesforce, sync error notifications look something like the one below. Typical errors include expired credentials and exceeded API limits.

Engagement engagement

When people become exhausted in a stream, we send a notification. The notification includes the number of people who became exhausted and some other information.

Facebook facebook

If you try to send people to Facebook without accepting the Terms of Service, or if you try to send people to Facebook after removing the Marketo app.

Idle Trigger Campaign Cleanup idle-trigger-campaign-cleanup

Deactivate triggered Smart Campaigns that no longer get any activity. Learn more about automatic trigger campaign cleanup.

LinkedIn linkedin

When Marketo is unable to create a new audience, login, or push emails to LinkedIn after three tries.

Web Services web-services

You will be notified when you reach your daily quota. The quota resets each night at midnight, Central Time.

Some of the error codes you may receive are outlined in our Developer Documentation.