Content and File Attachment FAQ content-and-file-attachment-faq

What is the difference between content and a file attachment? what-is-the-difference-between-content-and-a-file-attachment

A file attachment is just like a file attachment you would use in your regular email client.

Content is what we use to describe any files (PPT, PDF, Word doc, etc.) that you’d like to be tracked by Sales Connect.

After you click that button, you’re able to choose a file already uploaded or upload a new file to be tracked. We then insert a link in the email or template you’re using.

On the receiving end, the recipient clicks the link and the content will be populated in the browser. This allows us to track each page view and report them to the Sales Connect user in the Live Feed.

File and content options are available in: one-off emails, templates, campaigns, Outlook (both Windows and Mac), Gmail, and OWA.

Who manages the content, and where is it stored? who-manages-the-content-and-where-is-it-stored

Content can be uploaded to the Sales Connect repository by any user with the ability to create templates. This means users will be able to upload content of their choosing.

Can content, playbooks, templates, etc., be created/organized by teams? can-content-playbooks-templates-etc-be-created-organized-by-teams

Users are able to create their own templates and they can be organized by the team. To do this, create a team via the Team Management page. Then, when your team goes to share templates/playbooks/groups, they’ll be able to share with just those groups as opposed to the entire subscription of users.

Content can be shared across the organization.