Release Notes: May 2023 release-notes-may-23

Below you’ll find all the features included in the May '23 release. Check your Adobe Marketo Engage edition for feature availability.

Features denoted by a star ( star ) are paid add-ons. Please contact your Marketo Engage representative to learn more.

Standard Release Cycle Features standard-release-cycle-features

The following features fall under the standard release cycle and will start to be released on May 12, 2023, with a phased rollout of remaining features over the subsequent weeks. Release features and dates are subject to change. Please check below each feature for its status.

Marketo Engage Modern UX modern-ux

  • Adobe Experience Cloud Interface: Aligns Marketo Engage with Experience Cloud to create a consistent navigation experience across multiple Experience Cloud solutions in a single user session.
Documentation Updates
Experience Cloud Interface Overview
  • Marketo Engage Help Center: The Help Center provides Marketo Engage users with a central location to find help resources from within the product. Additionally, the Help Center gives users the ability to activate in-product guides that explain how to leverage key features.
Documentation Updates
Help Center

Agile Release Features

The following features follow an Agile format and are released on various dates before or after the standard release date. Please check below each feature for its status.

Cross-Channel Orchestration cross-channel-orchestration

  • Interactive Webinars (limited availability initially):

Interactive Webinars augment the existing Events and Webinars experience by providing a native and seamless experience for marketers to create, manage, and deliver events within Marketo Engage. Customize webinars according to the type of event and even add presenters if desired. Obtain rich engagement insights through Adobe Connect features such as live polls, chat, Q&A sessions, web link clicks, document downloads, and more. Retrieve the webinar recording directly in Marketo Engage and evaluate its performance through rich dashboard metrics.

Interactive Webinars will be rolled out gradually. To request earlier access, please fill out this form.

Documentation Updates
Rollout started
Interactive Webinars Overview

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