Adobe Experience Cloud Interface Overview adobe-experience-cloud-interface-overview

Adobe Experience Cloud Interface aligns the “shell” look and feel of Adobe Experience Cloud applications and services. But, it’s more than just a new design. It’s a single-page application that delivers user experience in a single instance.

User Flow user-flow

If you’re not already logged in to an Adobe Experience Cloud product, log in directly to Marketo Engage here:

If you are already logged in to an Adobe Experience Cloud product, simply click the menu icon and select Marketo Engage.

Your drop-down menu may look different depending on which Adobe Experience Cloud products you’re subscribed to.

New Features new-features

In addition to the updated look and feel, you’ll notice the following features:

Integrated Help Center

Access a variety of available help resources from within the Marketo Engage application.

Application Switcher

Those with access to multiple Adobe products will be able to easily toggle between them.

Notifications and Announcements

View and interact with product-specific notifications and general Adobe product announcements directly in the application.

Adobe Settings

Click your profile icon to change your language or other Adobe-wide preferences.

FAQ faq

I can’t log in to Marketo Engage through the the Experience Cloud Interface. What might the issue be?

If you can log in to Adobe Experience Cloud, but then see “Failed to load page” error, the issue could be on the Marketo Engage side. Please contact Marketo Support for assistance.

Where did User History, Global Search, Marketo Notifications, and the Task Tray go?

These features have moved from the top nav to a new bar on the left hand side in the Experience Cloud Interface.