Help Center help-center

The Help Center in Adobe Marketo Engage serves as a centralized location for getting assistance. In addition to linking out to various resources (e.g., product documentation, release information, the Marketing Nation Community), you can access helpful in-product walkthroughs organized by experience level.

How to Access how-to-access

After you log in to Marketo Engage, click the Help icon.

Guides guides

Guides serve as quick walkthroughs for popular features.

  1. Click the desired guide to view it.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Click Next to continue.

  4. Click Done to exit the walkthrough.

    note tip
    Exit the guide at any time by clicking Dismiss.

What’s New whats-new

The What’s New tab contains the full details of Marketo Engage’s latest release.

Click the arrow icon at the bottom to view the page in Experience League.

Resources resources

The Resources tab gives you quick and direct access to various ways you can get additional help with your Marketo Engage instance.