Adobe Identity Management Overview adobe-identity-management-overview

All new Adobe Marketo Engage subscriptions (July 31, 2023 or later) come integrated with the Adobe Identity Management System. Existing Marketo Engage subscriptions are currently being migrated to the Adobe Identity Management System upon any sales event, which includes renewals, recontracting events, and/or addendums. Migrations outside of a sales event are not supported at this time.

Marketo Support is not able to provide any updates regarding Adobe IMS migration. The Adobe Account Team will reach out with the estimated timeline in the coming months. For more information, please see this article, and the Frequently Asked Questions.

For subscriptions onboarded to Adobe identity, the Adobe Admin Console is used for user management. Identity-related concepts, like Single Sign On, are also managed in the Admin Console.

If you want to implement Single Sign On and your subscription has been onboarded to Adobe Identity without SSO implemented in the Adobe Org, please submit a ticket to Marketo Support and specify the topic as “Marketo on Admin Console, implementing SSO.”

Profile Levels profile-levels

Adobe Marketo Engage subscriptions onboarded to the Adobe Identity Management System supports various profiles. The following are the types of user profiles relevant in this integration.

Adobe Admin Console System Admin
Responsible for setting up identity concepts for the Adobe org and the Marketo Engage product in the Adobe Admin Console. Granted role at Adobe organization setup.
Adobe Admin Console Product Admin
Responsible for entitling users for the Marketo Engage product in the Adobe Admin Console. Granted role in Adobe Admin Console.
Adobe Admin Console Product Profile Admin
Responsible for administering users within a product profile. They cannot manage users outside of that specific profile. A product profile admin does not have access to the Marketo application unless added to the product profile as a user. Their role would be still a standard user (default workspace if have more than one workspace).
Marketo Engage Product Admin
A person who has been given access to Marketo Engage with Administrative privileges. Granted role in Marketo Engage, not Adobe Admin Console.
Marketo Engage User
A person who has been given access to Marketo Engage. No Administrative privileges.

FAQ faq

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.