Admin Setup admin-setup

Once you’re added as an Adobe System Admin to Marketo Engage in an Adobe org, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to complete the initial setup.

Initial Setup initial-setup

  1. After you’ve been added as a designated System Admin for Marketo Engage (in a new or established org), you’ll receive a welcome email. In that email, click Get Started.

  2. If you’ve previously accessed an application with an Adobe ID, you’ll be taken straight to the Adobe Admin Console. If not, set up your Adobe ID.

Create a Product Profile create-a-product-profile

After the System Admin accesses the Admin Console, it’s time to create a product profile. This is how your users/Admins get access to Marketo Engage.

  1. In the Overview page, under Products and Services, click Marketo Engage.

  2. Choose the desired subscription. If you only have one, skip to the next step.

    note note
    If you do have multiple subscriptions, these steps must be followed for each one.
  3. Click the New Profile button.

  4. Give your Product Profile a name (Display Name and Description are optional) and click Save.

If you set up multiple product profiles, users will have the same access to Marketo, regardless of which profile they’re added to.