Getting Started with TAM getting-started-with-tam

Get Marketo TAM added to your instance? Great! Let’s take a look at what you need to do now.

Right-click (ctrl+click for Mac) on the links to open each article in a new tab.

Step One: Issue a License - Decide who on your team is going to be using TAM.

Step Two: Set Permissions - Assign specific aspects of TAM to certain users, or simply grant full TAM access.

Step Three: Configure your Account Score - Account Scoring is one of the key elements in Target Account Management. It helps you determine the level of engagement of each account.

Step Four: Create a Custom Field for CRM Discovery - Map an existing CRM Account field to a new Named Account custom field (if you don’t use a CRM, skip this step).

Step Five: Create Named Accounts - Named Accounts hold the people from the companies you’re targeting. There are four ways to create a named account:

OPTIONAL STEP: Create and set-up Account Lists - Group accounts into lists allowing you to target named accounts by industry, location, or size of the company.

After following the steps above, you are ready to start using TAM!