Email Insights Sends Overview email-insights-sends-overview

On the Sends page, examine the characteristics of recent email communication.

Use filtering to specify which emails you want to see.

On the right side of the page there are several pieces of information regarding your sent emails.

Type indicates the kind of asset used.
Recipient number is how many people were sent the email.
Delivery Metrics gives you a quick view of how many emails were delivered, are pending, or have bounced.
Engagement Metrics gives you a quick view of how many recipients have opened, clicked in, and unsubscribed from an email.
Score is your email’s Engagement Score.

By default your emails are sorted by most recent, but you can sort them by any available metric.

Emails are listed by program or campaign name (top) and email asset name (bottom).

If you want to view your email’s stats in Analytics, hover next to Score and click the chart icon.

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