Unsubscribe History Card unsubscribe-history-card

The Unsubscribe History Card helps admins and users get contextual information about their contacts’ unsubscribe history.

To get here, click the People tab and select a person. It’s at the bottom of the About tab in the Person Details View (if they’re unsubscribed).

Shows the date the unsubscribe/resubscribe took place.

Resubscribe: A Sales Connect admin manually removed the unsubscribe from the contact record. It may also show some details related to why the contact was unsubscribed.

Unsubscribe: The contact was unsubscribed.


Salesforce Sync: Unsubscribe was captured by a sync from Salesforce.

Manual: User clicked the unsubscribe button to opt out.

Clicked Link: Recipient of an email clicked the unsubscribe link.

“Admin Name”: An admin's name will show when the action was to resubscribe contacts. This lets users know who removed the unsubscribe.