Launch/Pause a Web Campaign launch-pause-a-web-campaign

A web campaign is a customized reaction associated with a specific segment and can be a dialog box on your website, an in zone replacement, a widget feature, or an email alert.

You can launch or pause a web campaign in two ways from the Web Campaigns page or Set Web Campaigns page.

  1. Click Web Personalization.

  2. Go to Web Campaigns.

  3. If the campaign is launched, click Launched to change the campaign’s status to Paused, to pause the campaign.

  4. If the campaign is paused, click Paused to change the campaign’s status to Launched. This will activate and launch the campaign.

    note note
    You can also change the campaign status in the Set Campaign Page.
  5. In the campaign, click Edit.

  6. Click Save to save and pause the campaign. Click Launch to launch and activate the campaign.