Create a New Widget Web Campaign create-a-new-widget-web-campaign

A web campaign is a customized reaction associated with a specific segment and can be a dialog box on your website, an in zone replacement, a widget feature, or an email alert. The Widget web campaign is a text or banner that appears on the vertical side of your web page with the ability to expand and contract, while remaining fixed on the website page throughout the visit.

Create a Widget Web Campaign create-a-widget-web-campaign

  1. Go to Web Campaigns.

  2. Select Create New Web Campaign.

  3. Select the Widget campaign type.

  4. Use the multiple options to customize your widget.

  5. Click Preview to see how the web campaign will react on your site.

Choose from one of several pre-made templates.
Display On
Allows you to customize when and how your web campaign displays.
Animate In/Out
Set on dialog entry and/or exit. Select effect (drop, blind, slide, fade, no effect), duration (in seconds), and direction (up, down, left, right).
Select one of the four options for the widget's position on the page: Right, Left, Top, Bottom. Position % is the percentage of the positioning as to where the Widget will appear in the browser page (e.g., "50% Bottom" will cause the widget appear halfway down the bottom of the page, "10% Left" will cause the widget to appear near the top left of the page, etc.).
Widget Color
Select the widget color from a color chart or enter it as a RGB color code. You can also select the transparency level of the widget background by moving the bar on the bottom in either direction.
Widget Button
Customize the widget button itself.
Arrow: Allows you to choose from multiple different icons in the right drop-down menu. The left drop-down determines its color.
Custom: Insert the URL of any hosted image. File types accepted - .JPEG, .GIF (including animated), .PNG, .APNG, .SVG, .BMP.
Text: Widget can be text - customize its color, size, and font.
Selecting this assures the widget will appear on all the web pages throughout the visitor’s session.
Minimize Widget on Campaign Display
Inserts widget but keeps it minimized, requiring the user to click it to maximize it.
Restore Default
Restores the original default setting for the widget, by setting the widget color to the default transparent grey option.
Preview on site

Preview campaigns before they are launched.

  • URL - Enter an example URL where the campaign would run to see a preview example of how the campaign would look live.
  • Preview - Click Preview to open a new window of the example URL to see how the campaign reacts (Add the Chrome extension for the best Web Campaign preview experience.).
  • Share - Use the Share button to send an email to a colleague with a link to see the proxy campaign.
Want to A/B test your web campaigns? One or more web campaigns can be A/B tested for optimal results. With the Auto-Tune feature, the platform automatically recognizes the better performing campaigns, continues with the highest converting campaigns and pauses the other ones.

Edit a Web Campaign edit-a-web-campaign

From the Web Campaigns page, click Edit on the Campaign.

To make it easier to find the campaign you want, use the filter feature.

Clone a Web Campaign clone-a-web-campaign

See Clone a Web Campaign.

Preview a Web Campaign preview-a-web-campaign

From the Web Campaigns page, click Preview on the web campaign you wish to preview

Delete a Web Campaign delete-a-web-campaign

  1. From the Web Campaigns page, click Delete on the web campaign you wish to delete.

  2. A confirmation message appears to confirm if you want to delete the web campaign.