Clone a Web Campaign clone-a-web-campaign

Use the clone feature on the Web Campaigns page to copy the campaign settings and change the content for split testing optimization, or clone a campaign with the same content and target it toward a different segment. Create web campaigns in seconds!

Create a Clone Campaign create-a-clone-campaign

  1. Go to Web Campaigns.

    note note
    To make it easier to find the web campaign you want, use the filter feature.
  2. For the web campaign, click Clone.

  3. The campaign cloning process copies all the content from the existing web campaign into the new cloned campaign. The new cloned web campaign is entitled, “[CAMPAIGN NAME] Copy”.

    note tip
    All content in the web campaign is copied into the clone campaign except split testing, so don’t forget to add a split test group to the cloned campaign if you want to test it against others.