Create a New Dialog Web Campaign create-a-new-dialog-web-campaign

Create a Dialog Web Campaign create-a-dialog-web-campaign

Create a web campaign to personalize your web content in real-time and provide the right message, to the right user at the right time.

A web campaign is a customized reaction associated with a specific segment. The reaction can be a dialog box on your website, an in zone replacement, a widget feature or an email alert.

  1. Go to Web Campaigns.

  2. Select Create New Web Campaign.

  3. Select the Dialog web campaign type. Design and add your creative in the editor. Click Preview to see how the web campaign will react on your site.

Display On
Allows you to customize when and how your web campaign displays.
Dialog Style
  • Modern Trim - A stylish and distinctive dialog with semi-transparent black trim and rounded corners
  • Modern Trim II - A stylish and distinctive dialog with a light shadow trim and rounded corners and close button
  • Transparent - A fully transparent dialog box, ideal for transparent (png) images for your call to actions.
  • Basic - A simple style dialog, with thicker title header space fulfilling your basic dialog box needs.
Animate In/Out
Set on dialog entry and/or exit. Select effect (drop, blind, slide, fade, no effect), duration (in seconds), and direction (up, down, left, right).
Select one of the 9 options for the dialog box's position on the page. For example, selecting the middle box displays the dialog box in the middle of the screen.
By Coordinates
For additional positioning options of the dialog box, select the checkbox ‘Position Coordinates’ and enter the exact screen coordinates (Horizontal, Vertical) where you would like the dialog to appear.
Button Fill
Customize the modal's close button using color, style, and position. You can also use your own button by linking to it in the Image URL box.
By selecting the sticky checkbox the dialog box remains in position, without any time limit, until closed by the user and will appear on all pages throughout the visitor's session.
Provides more focus on the dialog box and launches it with a darkened background behind the dialog window, increasing the user awareness of the dialog box.
Modal Color
Customize the modal's color as well as opacity.
The number of seconds the dialog box is activated before fading out.
Header color
Set the header bar of the dialog to your preferred color. The color can be chosen from a color chart or entered as a Hex color code.
Content background color
Set the background color of the dialog box to your preferred color. The color can be chosen from a color chart or entered as a Hex color code.
Dialog title
Add a title to the header title bar of the dialog box.
Width and height
Select the pixel sizing of the dialog box.
Width Auto
Selecting this check box allows the dialog box to auto fit to the content width.
Selecting the resizable checkbox allows the dialog box to be resized by the user.
Rich Text Editor
The rich text editor allows for text formatting, linking and image insertion. Read more here.
Preview on site

Preview campaigns before they are launched.

  • URL - Enter an example URL where the campaign would run to see a preview example of how the campaign would look live.
  • Device - Preview how your campaign will appear by device: Desktop, Mobile Portrait, Mobile Landscape, Tablet Portrait, Portrait Landscape.
  • Preview - Click Preview to open a new window of the example URL to see how the campaign reacts.
  • Share - Use the Share button to send an email to a colleague with a link to see the proxy campaign.
Speed up and simplify your campaign creation process by using our built in templates or by saving your existing campaign as a template for reuse.

Edit a Web Campaign edit-a-web-campaign

  1. From the Web Campaigns page, click Edit on the web campaign.

To make it easier to find the web campaign you want, use the filter feature.

Preview a Web Campaign preview-a-web-campaign

  1. From the Web Campaigns page, click Preview on the web campaign you wish to view.

Clone a Web Campaign clone-a-web-campaign

See Clone a Web Campaign.

Delete a Web Campaign delete-a-web-campaign

  1. From the Web Campaigns page, click Delete on the web campaign you wish to delete.

  2. A confirmation message appears to confirm if you want to delete the web campaign.