Using Templates to Create Web Campaigns using-templates-to-create-web-campaigns

Speed up and simplify your web campaign creation process by using our built in templates or by saving your own.

Templates are optimized for all devices and browsing experiences for both desktop and mobile.
  1. Go to Web Campaigns.

  2. Click Create New Web Campaign.

  3. Name your campaign.

  4. Select a Target Segment.

  5. Click Templates.

  6. Select the appropriate area for your campaign to see and select a template that works for you.

    note note
    There are some cool templates to choose from, and we will add more in the future.

    note tip
    For mobile campaigns select a template from the mobile section.
  7. Customize the template.

  8. Click Save.

Nicely done! Did you see how much time you saved by using a template?