Using the Web Personalization Rich Text Editor using-the-web-personalization-rich-text-editor

The Web Personalization rich text editor found in the Set Campaigns page allows for text formatting, linking and image insertion. It includes formatting options similar to standard word processors.

The important icons in the rich text editor include:

Edit HTML Source
Enables you to view the HTML source code
Insert/Edit Image
Inserts an image URL for graphical images to appear in the editor
Insert Image from Design Studio
After clicking the Insert/Edit Image icon, use this to select images from your Marketo Design Studio
Insert/Edit Link
Use to add hyperlinks to text or images
Insert/Edit Token
Use company or person tokens to personalize your web campaign
Web Tokens use people data from your Marketo Database that is managed in Web Personalization under Account Settings > Database. If the web token is a new database field not yet in Account Settings > Database, it will automatically be added and can take up to 24 hours to activate.