Send a Marketo Sales Email from Microsoft Dynamics send-a-marketo-sales-email-from-microsoft-dynamics

Your sales team can send emails and have them tracked for opens and clicks directly from within Microsoft Dynamics. Here’s how.

  1. In Dynamics, go to the Sales area.

  2. Select a System View.

  3. Select one or more leads.

  4. Click the tab, then click Send Marketo Email.

    note tip
    You can publish emails as templates for your sales team to use.
  5. Add a subject, compose your email and click Send Email. (Pick a template if you need one.)

    note tip
    You can click Send Test Email first and the email will be sent to you (primary email address in Microsoft Dynamics) before sending the actual email.
    note note
    You can send up to 2000 Marketo emails at a time.

Nicely done! Now you know how to send Marketo tracked emails directly from within Microsoft Dynamics.