Publish an Email to Sales Insight publish-an-email-to-sales-insight

Enable the Publish to Sales Insight setting to make an email available to your sales team in both Sales Insight as well as the Outlook and Gmail Add-In. You can also give it an expiration date.

  1. Find your email, select it and click Edit Draft.

  2. Once the editor opens, click Email Settings.

  3. Check Publish to Marketo Sales Insight.

  4. To set an expiration date (optional), check Set Expiration and choose a date.

    note note
    At 11:59 p.m. (CST) on the expiration date (if you set one), the email you made available will disappear from Sales Insight as well as any of its add-ins. It will of course still be accessible in Marketo.
  5. Click Save.

Nice job! Now you know how to make emails available for your sales team to send on the CRM side, and to limit their available time, if necessary.

My Tokens will not resolve when sending an email from Sales Insight on either Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce; only standard tokens will populate (Lead, Company, etc.). Default values for tokens will work, however.
Don’t forget to approve this email in order for the changes to take effect. Learn how to Approve an Email.