Manage Report Subscriptions manage-report-subscriptions

Configure and delete report subscriptions.

  1. Go to the Analytics area.

  2. Click the Subscriptions tab.

    This page displays the subscriptions to all the reports in your account, grouped by report type. This includes subscriptions to basic reports and to Revenue Cycle Explorer reports.

    note tip
    You can also manage subscriptions to an individual report in Marketing Activities. Select the report and click the Subscriptions tab.

    To change how often a report is emailed, click the Frequency field and select a new option from the drop-down menu.

  3. To change the email addresses in a subscription, click the Email Recipients field and edit the email addresses.

    note tip
    • Use commas between email addresses.
    • To save your edits, click in an area outside the subscriptions list.

    You can also:

    • Click the View button to open a report.
    • Deselect the Active checkbox to deactivate the subscription.
    • Click and edit the Summary field to change how many preview rows appear in the email.
    • Deselect the Excel checkbox to send report summaries without the spreadsheet attachment.
    • Click the Send button to send the report email immediately.
  4. To delete a subscription altogether, select the row and click Delete Subscription.

  5. Confirm your intention to delete the subscription.

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