Run a Single Flow Step from a Smart List run-a-single-flow-step-from-a-smart-list

If you want to run a one-time only flow step, you can use a single flow step within a Smart List instead of creating an entire Smart Campaign.

Create a Smart List
  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select a list or Smart List with people in it, then go to the People tab.

    note tip
    Both static lists as well as Smart Lists have this functionality.
  3. Click Select All. You can also use Ctrl/Cmd and click to select a few records manually.

    note note
    If the results span over multiple pages, clicking Select All will select all people across all pages.
  4. Under Person Actions, select the flow step of your choice. In this example we will use Change Data Value.

  5. Find and select an Attribute. In this example we will take all people who have state “California” and change it to “CA.”

  6. Enter a new value. Click Run Now.

  7. If you’re changing data values for a large number of people, you may need to confirm the change by typing in the number. Click Go For It.

Awesome work! You will see the status of the single flow step in the top right hand corner.

When it’s finished, refresh the list and you will see the updated info.