Company Web Activity Report company-web-activity-report

See which companies are visiting your web site. You can choose to display known or anonymous visitors, but not both in the same report.

Create a Web Page Activity report to see the individual people who are visiting your site.

To capture activity from your web site in Marketo, you first need to set up Munchkin on your site.
  1. Create a report and select the Company Web Activity Report report type.

  2. Choose to display known or anonymous people in the report.

  3. Set the time frame of your report and click the Report tab.

  4. That’s it! Review your report to see which companies are visiting your site.

    note tip
    To find the companies who visit your site the most, sort your report on the Page Views column and choose Sort Descending.

    Columns that you can select for a Company Web Activity report include:

The visitors' company.
Names in bold are confirmed to be the company name by at least one person.
Inferred Company or ISP
The company, as inferred from the visitors' IP address.
Names in bold indicate this is the company, not the ISP.
Page Views
Number of pages loaded by the visitors.
Number of people from this company who visited your site.
Country, State/Region, & City
Geographic location of the company.
First/Last Visit (Time zone)
Date and time of the first/last visit by anyone from this company.