Event Check-in Overview event-check-in-overview

On October 2, 2023, Adobe removed the Marketo Events App from all App Stores. If you already have the app installed on your tablet/mobile device, you can continue using it for the time being. Once your Marketo Engage instance is migrated to Adobe Identity for authentication of Marketo, you will no longer be able to access the app. Learn more.

The Marketo Events app for iPad or Android tablet makes it easy to check people in immediately when they arrive at your event.

This article outlines the complete process. The headings are linked to the separate articles, and some Marketo activities are links in this outline.

Some activities happen before the event, such as creating a new role and inviting attendees. Some happen during the event, such as checking in attendees. After the event, you sync your data with Marketo, updating the person’s status.

Have a great event!

Prepare for Your Event

Before the event:

Set Up the iPad or Android Tablet

To get the iPad or Android tablet ready:

  • Download and install the Marketo Events iPad or Android tablet app
  • Confirm login credentials
  • Sync the app to populate the event
  • Confirm check-ins are working

Check People In Using the iPad or Tablet

At the event:

  • Log-in to the app
  • Find guests (and create new people)
  • Check in guests (reverse check-ins, edit person records at check-in)
  • Sync the iPad or Android tablet app with Marketo