Release Notes: Jan/Feb 2012 release-notes-jan-feb

The following features are included in the Jan/Feb Release. Check your Marketo edition for feature availability. Come back after the release for links to detailed feature documentation.

Advanced Dynamic Content advanced-dynamic-content

Available for Pro and Enterprise Versions

With advanced dynamic content you can create engaging email communications and landing pages relevant to your audience without having to create multiple assets for the same message. Upgraded Previewers allow you to view each unique version in a single screen.

Segmentation segmentation

Available for Pro and Enterprise Versions

Segmentation is a group of segments, which are a targeted group of individuals to whom you market. Segments are defined by rules that are driven by filter criteria similar to smart lists. Your segments can be based on demographic data, such as job title or industry, or based on behaviors such as web pages visited or clicked links.

Snippets snippets

Available for Pro and Enterprise Versions

Store rich content that can be used over and over again to create static or dynamic emails and landing pages.

PURLs purls

Available for Pro and Enterprise Versions

Using Personalized URLs (PURLs) marketers can now create contact-specific URLs, to drive personalization, measurability and lift responses in multi-touch marketing programs for both direct mail and email campaigns.

EU Privacy Directive Support eu-privacy-directive-support

New features to respect browser “Do Not Track” settings include the ability to disable tracking for anonymous leads; this makes complying with the EU’s stricter privacy tracking regulations easier.

Single Sign-on single-sign-on

Organizations now have the ability to support a seamless login to the Marketo application using SAML 2.0 for single sign-on from a corporate portal.

Updated Email and Landing Page Editors updated-email-and-landing-page-editors

The Email and Landing Page Editors were redesigned with a more inviting interface, intuitive navigation and a dramatically improved user experience, this includes:

A side-by-side HTML and text view

The From Name, From Email, Reply-To (NEW) and Subject are displayed in the editor. All other settings are accessible through the Edit Settings button.

Browser Support browser-support

  • Mozilla Firefox 9.0
  • Google Chrome 16
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 & 9
  • Note: we no longer support Internet Explorer 7

Program Management program-management

Simplified program management improves usability with Token delete and the easier deletion of Programs.

Unsubscribe from Subscription Report unsubscribe-from-subscription-report

Now you can unsubscribe from the subscription directly from the report!

Munchkin Updates munchkin-updates

New Munchkin calls reduce webpage load times and provide more consistent performance for click link events.

Program Opportunity Analysis (RCA only) program-opportunity-analysis-rca-only

Understand marketing contribution to individual opportunity revenue

Program Revenue Stage Analysis program-revenue-stage-analysis

Gain insight into program lead velocity by understanding which programs acquired the fast movers