Configure Re-Share Email and Prompt for a Social App configure-re-share-email-and-prompt-for-a-social-app

When you create a referral offer or a sweepstakes, you can invite participants to share your offer with more friends as part of the sign-up process, as well as provide default text for the share email.

In a referral offer, you can also make sharing the offer a requirement to sign up.
  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the referral offer, and click Edit Draft.

  3. In the referral offer editor, go to Sign-Up Flow > Re-Share Prompt.

  4. Edit the email that will go to your participant’s friends if they choose to share.

    note note
    The email automatically includes your participant’s unique share URL.
  5. In the View & Edit window, click Show Edits and edit the invitation to share as well as the track-progress instructions.