Sales Connect Overview sales-connect-overview

Marketo Sales Connect is a multi-faceted sales support solution with a variety of functions, helping you drive engagement throughout the sales cycle.

Not everyone has purchased this feature. Please contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details.

The Live Feed the-live-feed

Sales reps can view real-time engagement of both marketing and sales content.

Person Detail View person-detail-view

Access detailed people stats.

See Results in Your Marketo Activity Log see-results-in-your-marketo-activity-log

See how your prospects are engaging with your sales efforts.

Activity Type
Send Sales Email
User sent a sales email from Sales Connect.
Open Sales Email
Lead opened a sales email sent from Sales Connect.
Click Sales Email
Lead clicked on a link in a sales email sent from Sales Connect.
Receive Sales Email
Lead received an email sent from Sales Connect.
Receive Sales Call
Lead received a call from a salesperson using the Sales Phone.
Add to Sales Campaign
Lead was added to a sales campaign created in Sales Connect (in the Campaigns page).
Removed From Sales Campaign
Lead was removed from a sales campaign.
Interesting moment
Lead had an interesting moment generated in Marketo.

Share Marketing Campaigns share-marketing-campaigns

Create a simple smart campaign to give your sales users access to Marketo campaign data.

Ready to get started? For setup instructions, click the link below.