Release Notes: August 2013 release-notes-august

The following features are included in the August, 2013 release.

Text Only Emails

Now you may send just the text version of an email. Keep in mind, links won’t be decorated when using this option.

Customer Engagement Engine Enhancements customer-engagement-engine-enhancements

Ignore Exhausted Content ignore-exhausted-content

Configure the engagement program to ignore exhaustion, including suppression of any notifications.

Engagement Stream Testing engagement-stream-testing

Use the new testing feature to simulate a cast, and test newly added content to a live stream.

Personalized Send Test personalized-send-test

When you send an email test, you can select the name of a lead to personalize the test email.

“View Email as Web Page” and “Unsubscribe” System Tokens view-email-as-web-page-and-unsubscribe-system-tokens

Utilize these new tokens to provide greater control of their placement in emails.

Automatic Trigger Campaign Cleanup automatic-trigger-campaign-cleanup

Marketo will now periodically notify you and automatically deactivate trigger campaigns that have not run in the past six months.

Marketo Financial Management Enhancement marketo-financial-management-enhancement

Program Cost Update program-cost-update

Program cost sync enables tracking of program cost across multiple platforms.

Cobalt User Interface cobalt-user-interface

We are continuing the rollout of our new Cobalt interface. This project will make everything in Marketo super snappy! The upgrade will continue through the rest of the year.