Create a Text Only Email create-a-text-only-email

If you ever want to send text only emails, here’s how to create an email that will go out without any HTML content.

Because opens are tracked by the recipient downloading the email’s images (which includes an invisible tracking pixel), opens are not able to be tracked for Text Only emails.
  1. Go to the Marketing Activities area.

  2. Select your program, click the New drop-down and select New Local Asset.

  3. Select Email.

  4. Enter a Name, select a template and click Create.

  5. In the email editor, click Email Settings.

  6. Check Text Only and click Save.

    note caution
    Links are not automatically tracked in text only emails. See how to Add Tracked Links to a Text Email.
    note tip
    You can also edit an existing email and change this setting. Don’t forget to approve the draft.
  7. Uncheck the Automatically copy from HTML checkbox.

    note note
    Any content added to the HTML section of the email will be ignored when it’s sent.
  8. Double-click the text area.

  9. Edit your text and click Save.

It’s as easy as that.