Conversational Flow Overview conversational-flow-overview

Design a Conversational Flow and trigger it to any visitor based on a specific action (e.g., clicking on a call-to-action button, upon page load, time spent on page, etc.).

Conversational Flows and Live Chat are shared trial features that have a combined lifetime limit of 100 engagements for those on the Dynamic Chat Select package. When this limit is reached, all published Conversational Flows will stop triggering and visitors who request to chat with a live agent will receive the global fallback message. To increase this limit, please contact your Account Representative to discuss package upgrade options.

Dialogues vs. Conversational Flows dialogues-vs-conversational-flows

While Dialogues and Conversational Flows have several similarities, they are two separate features.

Conversational Flows
Dialogues are targeted—You design a conversation for a specific page and audience based on parameters you implemented.
Conversational Flows are triggered—You design a conversation that can be triggered based on a visitor's action, like filling out a form, clicking a link, etc.
Only supported in the Chatbot interface.
Currently supported in a pop-up interface, with more interfaces planned.
Multiple Dialogues can be created for the same segment of leads, with a priority order so each visitor sees the Dialogue in sequence by priority as they continue to engage.
Conversational Flows have no priority order and can be triggered any number of times by the same lead based on the call-to-action determined.
Chatbot conversations are powered by Dialogues.
Conversational Forms in Marketo Engage are powered by Conversational Flows.

Stream Designer Tab stream-designer-tab

The Stream Designer for Conversational Flows is nearly identical to the one for Dialogues. Learn all about it here.

Reports Tab reports-tab

The Reports tab is where you’ll be able to see metrics around how well your Conversational Flow is performing.

View engagement rate, conversion rate, filter by known and/or unknown visitors, and more.

Settings Tab settings-tab

In the top half of the Settings tab, you can update the Conversational Flow’s name, add an optional description, and change the language.

Selecting a different language changes the language of the system text only. You are responsible for translating content.

Conversations SDK conversations-sdk

In the bottom half of the Settings tab, customize the Conversation trigger, also known as Conversations SDK. You can decide if the conversation is triggered on your website when a visitor clicks any link, or upon page load.

See Conversations SDK in action!