Approve a Snippet with No-Draft approve-a-snippet-with-no-draft

Approve the Snippet approve-the-snippet

No-Draft is triggered each time a snippet is approved. This includes a snippet that is shared or referenced by assets in other workspaces.

  1. Go to the Design Studio.

  2. Find and select the desired snippet.

  3. In the Snippet actions drop-down, choose Approve draft.

  4. Select an option in the Approve snippet dialog box and click Approve:

    • Update all: This option will not create drafts of the approved assets using the snippet. All assets get the updates and maintain their prior statuses. A progress module appears on the top right side of the screen; it can be closed at any time. To restore it, right-click the snippet name and select Show Approval Status.
    • Create drafts: This option will create drafts of the approved assets using the snippet. Select this option if snippet changes need to be reviewed first. All drafts must be approved manually.

    note note
    For a new snippet that’s not used yet, this Approve Draft screen doesn’t appear. It shows up when the snippet is used in one or more assets.
This feature is designed to save time with the snippet approval workflow. However, there are a few limitations to be aware of. Please see this article for details.